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Dive into the rich reservoir of data on the Fashion Futures platform, offering exhaustive analyses on market dynamics, consumer behavior, and sustainable practices. This platform provides critical insights into regional and global brands, supporting strategic decision-making for industry stakeholders. With continuously updated information, our data serves as a cornerstone for innovation, driving the Saudi and GCC fashion industries towards greater global prominence and excellence.


Saudi Arabia’s fashion industry in 2022 comprised 52% female employees

“The Saudi Fashion Insights platform is an evolving interactive tool that we anticipate will have far-reaching benefits for both the local ecosystem and international stakeholders interested in the fast-growing Saudi fashion sector.”

Burak Cakmak (CEO, Saudi Fashion Commission)

The fashion ecosystem is defined based on the internationally recognized definitions of economic activities that are directly or indirectly considered to be related to fashion.

The sector is defined as all activities for design, retailing, development, production, and preservation for products such as apparel, footwear, jewellery and more; including the related raw materials and related components, which includes traditional, and modern fashion. The analysis undertaken as part of this study adopts a broad definition of fashion, which is in line with international research. This broad definition includes activities that contribute to the fashion industry as well as elements that are broader than a cultural definition of fashion.

Fashion Contribution to GDP
industry value in 2021
of the Kingdom’s TOTAL GDP

With over 230,000 people currently employed, the Saudi fashion sector is positioned for significant growth

Of the total 230,000 fashion jobs, 90,000 were in core fashion occupations (where employment is strictly supporting the fashion industry) and 140,000 in non-core (supporting/ancillary occupations existing in the fashion sector as well as in other sectors).

In 2022, Saudi Arabia's fashion sector contributed 1.4% to GDP, equating to $12.5bn (SAR 46.9bn), and employed 230,000 individuals, 1.8% of the national workforce. In 2021, its value was $24.6bn (SAR 92.2bn). Women made up 52% of the industry, with Saudis holding 66% of all fashion jobs. Out of 230,000 roles, 90,000 were in core fashion roles, and 140,000 in supportive capacities within fashion and beyond.

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Recent reports include the Saudi State of Fashion Report (2023) and insights into global and Saudi eCommerce fashion dynamics (2024).

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