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Saudi State of Fashion

It is with great pleasure that we introduce the inaugural State of Fashion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2023) report.
The State of Fashion in the KSA

The State of Fashion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (2023) report is the first of its kind, a comprehensive study of the Saudi fashion industry. It provides a detailed overview of the industry’s size, growth, and key trends, along with an analysis of the regional landscape, consumer preferences, emerging designers, and sustainable practices within the sector. The report also showcases the unique cultural influences and talent that make Saudi Arabia's fashion industry distinct and vibrant.

This report is an important publication for anyone involved in the Saudi fashion industry, whether they are designers, investors, policy-makers, or enthusiasts.

It aims to enhance understanding, support the identification of opportunities, and foster innovation in the sector, ultimately contributing to the development and global recognition of Saudi Arabian fashion.

Through the report, we invite you to explore and engage with the dynamic world of Saudi fashion, gaining valuable insights that can help shape the future of this dynamic industry.

State of Fashion Report

State of Fashion Report 2023

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Inspiration from Saudi Arabia’s unique culture and natural environment provides designers in the Kingdom with an aesthetic reaching both into the Kingdom’s vast history, and to the future as the Kingdom embraces technology and invests in its future.

Ahmad Almohaisen from Almohaisen highlights the abundant potential of this inspiration, when showing the beautiful craftwork incorporated into the desert inspired necklace from the company’s latest jewellery collection. With 60 years of experience operating in the Kingdom, Ahmad emphasises the beauty of the Saudi natural environment in shaping the company’s jewellery designs and inspiring the company’s design team.

This inspiration is reinforced by Sarah Abu Dawood, the CEO and founder of Yataghan Jewellery, who argues passionately that the Kingdom’s opening to the global fashion industry is enabling a new set of designers with the potential to showcase to the world Saudi Arabia’s design excellence framed by a distinctive fashion, encompassing patterns and colours that are subtly to strikingly different from those found in other parts of the world.

Increasing local
design capabilities

The explosion of design creativity in Saudi Arabia was easy to observe at the Saudi Fashion Futures  event, held in Riyadh in November, 2022. An emerging blend of traditional and contemporary international design revealed the distinctive position that Saudi Arabia could hold within the rapidly evolving global fashion value chain.

Whereas the Kingdom’s unique designs were previously solely domestic market focused, there is now a strong focus on developing Saudi brands for the domestic, regional, and international fashion markets. It is recognised that the Saudi market is no longer separate from, but increasingly an integral part of the global fashion market, and that while traditional products will continue to thrive locally, so will international fashion products. The fusion of the traditional and the contemporary is therefore not only unavoidable, but a process to be celebrated and nurtured in support of an evolving and sustainable Saudi design aesthetic. Most importantly, it also opens major export opportunities for Saudi brands and companies that are able to offer their unique designs to the region and globally.


Saudi Arabia has set the intention of becoming a global influencer for sustainability and ethical fashion. A 2022 survey conducted at the Fashion Futures event that included fashion designers, governmental officials and education providers revealed that 84% of respondents view sustainability as important to their customers. However, the market remains price sensitive with 58% of industry respondents noting that customers would not be willing to pay more for a sustainable fashion product. 

Surveyed fashion stakeholders expect to see an awareness of different sustainability practices increasing within the Saudi fashion industry. Notably resold and repaired products along with low carbon footprint products are expected to see significant growth in the local market.

Following the launch of Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia is taking decisive steps towards a more sustainable future. 

In 2021, the Kingdom announced the national transition towards net zero by 2030 as part of the Saudi Green Initiative. The Saudi Green Initiative unites environmental protection, energy transition and sustainability programs with the overarching aims of offsetting and reducing emissions, increasing the Kingdom’s use of clean energy and addressing climate change. 

The reuse and recycling of clothing for textiles has already been noted in the Kingdom. The National Center for Waste Management (MWAN) announced in mid-2022 that they would start recycling ihram clothing discarded after the Hajj pilgrims that take place each year. After collecting the Ihrams, the centre sorts them, sterilizes them, washes them, and puts them in transparent bags. They repair damaged Ihrams to be used again. 

Additionally, in a bid to increase awareness of circular principles and to increase acceptance of second-hand clothing, a public “swap shop” to encourage sustainable consumption at the annual Fashion Futures event.

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