Saudi Fashion Directory

Saudi Fashion Directory

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The scale of the opportunity that now exists for Saudi Arabia’s thriving fashion industry can hardly be overstated.

Explore the dynamic collaborations with a diverse selection of leading brands, companies, and organizations shaping the future of Saudi fashion.


Saudi brands support Saudi Arabia’s global fashion position.

This directory showcases a selection of Saudi brands.

Fatima AbdulQader | Woman | Bridal Haute Couture | Evening wear | Instagram

Pavone | Woman | Evening wear | Haute Couture | Demi-Couture | Instagram

Hindame | Menswear | Woman | Ready-to-wear | Instagram

MD29 | Menswear | Women | Ready-to-wear | Instagram

Noura AlGhilaisi | Women | Ready-to-wear | Instagram

Kharaz co | Women | Ready-to-wear | Instagram

Noon Aeen | Women | Ready-to-wear | Instagram

Bucketbox | Streetwear | Unisex | Instagram

AD By Areej AlDakheel | Jewelry | Instagram

Ghaydaa Majdaly | Woman | Evening wear | Instagram

E-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce platforms play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the fashion industry in the Kingdom.


As highlighted by Vision 2030, any country that is deeply committed to building a dynamic fashion industry must focus on education and creativity.

Renowned universities and institutes support talent and drive education related to fashion.

Events and Exhibitions

Events and exhibitions showcase local talent, foster cultural exchange and drive economic growth.

Riyadh Fashion Week

1886 | Abadia | Adnan Akbar | Arwa Al Banawi | Atelier Hekayat | Dar Alhanouf | Dazluq | Eman Joharji | Fatima AbdulQader | Hajruss | Hala Algharbawi | Honayda | JUBB | Kaf by Kaf | Lomar | Mazrood | MD29 | Moja Majka | Mona Alshebil | Nabela Nazar | Noble & Fresh | Not Boring | Nour Al Dhahri | Noura Suliman | Pavone | Tima Abid | Uscita | Yasmina Q | Yousef Akbar


Financing plays a crucial role in the development and expansion of our fashion industry.

These players provide essential financial support and investment opportunities that empower designers, manufacturers, and retailers to innovate and grow.

Non-Profit or Government

Non-profit and government organizations support industry stakeholders by identifying opportunities and assisting in their realization.

These entities facilitate innovation, provide essential funding, and offer programs to foster talented designers.


Established domestic retailers are well-positioned to capitalize on increased local consumption within the Kingdom.


Saudi Arabia is taking decisive steps towards a more sustainable future. Fashion has a key role to play in supporting the Kingdom’s green ambitions.

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