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Fashion Futures is a leading platform for Saudi fashion sector information and data analytics.

“The passion to design, test and innovate is sewn into this industry. We are building an ecosystem which will thrive for 50 to 100 years. We’re building the foundations for the future of fashion right now, here in Saudi Arabia.”

Burak Cakmak (CEO, Saudi Fashion Commission)

Launched in 2024, the Fashion Futures platform is the premier resource for insights into the Saudi fashion industry. This evolving platform seeks to deliver key data to market players such as designers, manufacturers, retailers and investors.


Fashion Futures Platform launching in October 2024

We are pleased to announce the Fashion Futures Platform launching in October 2024, a premier resource designed to enhance data-driven decision-making within the fashion industry. A new interface that delivers new comprehensive insights into market growth, consumer trends, sustainability, and brand performance that aims to strengthen the global position of the Saudi and GCC fashion sectors. Sign-up to stay up to date about the latest announcements on the upcoming platform. 

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The purpose of Fashion Futures is to provide a platform for stakeholders to access key data related to the Saudi fashion industry and GCC region.

The platform aims to bridge the informational gap that currently exists in the region's fashion landscape. Given the rapid evolution of the Saudi fashion industry and the burgeoning growth of the sector across the GCC, there is a need for a comprehensive and accessible source of information. This initiative is an answer to that need.

The Fashion Futures platform has been created to enhance data-driven decisions in fashion by delivering vital insights on market growth, consumer trends, sustainability and brands. The intention is for the platform to spur innovation and collaboration, strengthening the Saudi and GCC global fashion position. More than just a data source, it's a transformative tool, accentuating regional distinctiveness, and propelling the Saudi fashion industry onto the world stage.

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